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Big Tech in Healthcare: How Traditional Health Systems Can Best Prepare For Disruption from the Tech Giants

While COVID-19 was tossing the healthcare world on its head—the democratization of medicine was rapidly evolving like never before. As a result, a clear truth has emerged from the rubble of the pandemic: patients have always been consumers, and now they understand it’s possible to receive care in a way that prioritizes their needs—instead of relying on those with legacy mindsets who think it’s perfectly acceptable to leave them sitting in waiting rooms.   

New Information Blocking Rules: What Health Systems Need to Know

Health IT Experts Break Down Information Blocking Rules In healthcare, transformation can be turbulent. Even changes that the industry has seen coming for years often creep up faster than many stakeholders find ideal. For some providers, the new requirements around information blocking might be a prime example.  As of April 2021, federal policy mandates that […]

Home Sweet Home: How Remote Patient Monitoring Can Help Sustain the Shift from Brick and Mortar to Remote Care

Nearly 90%. When it comes to investing in remote patient monitoring (RPM), 88 out of 100 clinical informatics and health IT thought leaders expressed interest when surveyed for a Spyglass study conducted at the end of 2019. The impetus at that time related to aligning with the shift to value-based care.  “88% of providers surveyed have invested or are evaluating investments in RPM technologies to support high-risk chronically ill patients whose conditions are considered unstable and at-risk for hospital readmissions,” the study concluded.    Then, COVID-19 hit and the healthcare system was turned completely on its head. 

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