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How to Prepare Your Health System Against the Next Healthcare Cyberattack

What Can Healthcare Leaders Do to Protect Their Organizations and Patients? Over the past year, leaders have been repeatedly reminded of the severe threat of healthcare cyberattacks. The Department of Health and Human Services’ (HHS) Office for Civil Rights is informed of nearly two new data breaches (affecting at least 500 patient records) per day. […]

Digital, Operations, and Innovation: The Evolving Roles, Responsibilities of the Healthcare CIO

“The role of the CIO has changed totally,” John Halamka declared boldly in his first appearance on This Week In Health IT in 2018. And the role of the healthcare CIO has continued to develop. With the onset of the novel coronavirus pandemic and the break-neck pace in which healthcare IT accelerated throughout 2020, the […]

Big Tech in Healthcare: How Traditional Health Systems Can Best Prepare For Disruption from the Tech Giants

While COVID-19 was tossing the healthcare world on its head—the democratization of medicine was rapidly evolving like never before. As a result, a clear truth has emerged from the rubble of the pandemic: patients have always been consumers, and now they understand it’s possible to receive care in a way that prioritizes their needs—instead of relying on those with legacy mindsets who think it’s perfectly acceptable to leave them sitting in waiting rooms.   

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