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Why Healthcare Organizations Should Adopt Modern Data Platforms

Health systems handle enormous amounts of data daily; by one estimate, about 30 percent of the world's data volume comes from the healthcare industry, and that's expected to grow over the next few years. The future of healthcare will require better access to data than it has needed in the past. Data-driven insights and action are […]

CDW Healthcare Sirius

Future of Care: Patient Room ‘Next’ with Sirius Healthcare

Adopting new technologies for the best future in patient care Healthcare has lagged behind in adopting new technologies due in part to a lack of buy-in from staff, resistance to adopting anything new, and associated high costs and budgetary constraints. That all changed when healthcare faced a global health crisis. The rapid adoption of tools […]


It’s not going to happen to us….is it? Building Health Systems Security Architecture for Complex Environments

Subject: Warning:  Significant cyber-attack activity this morning “Please be very careful this morning with anything unusual you receive. My mailbox is receiving hundreds of notifications of sexploitation emails we are blocking, and I have also seen other phishing emails. My phone is beeping about every two to three seconds with notifications. I have never seen […]

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