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June 17, 2022: Today we have a special treat. Jonathan Manis, Senior VP and CIO for CHRISTUS Health walks us through his Opening Keynote “Re-Design Healthcare” presented at the Texas HIMSS conference. In this episode, it becomes utterly apparent that the healthcare industry needs a mind-shift. We delve into mobility, connectivity, consumerism and an alteration  […]
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In healthcare we have exposed where some patients don't have the means to use some of the infrastructure. Part of our community doesn't have good high-speed internet to have a telehealth visit. So how do I, as a healthcare provider organization enable my community so I can actually care for them while they're at home and they can have the best means for recovery and success? How can we get a balance of gaining some revenue over here and sharing it over there so that we can help everyone?

Kris Nessa, Dell Medical School

I've never met anybody in my company in person. I interviewed on Zoom. I work on Zoom. I have literally not anyone face to face. So how can you actually curate and build relationships? How do you build trust? I believe if nothing else, that the lasting impact on health IT is our ability to be innovative and try things in a new and different way and not let bureaucracy and red tape dictate how we are willing to try something.

Sarah Richardson, Tivity Health

Necessity is the mother of invention. And so people are accelerating what they're doing today, which is incredible. What friends in the industry are doing in the last two or three weeks is probably more than they've done, from a change perspective in the last two or three years.

Ed Ricks, Sirius

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