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Imagine a future where smart hospital platforms facilitate treatment regardless of patient and clinician location, where patients reap the healing benefits of patient distraction devices, and clinicians are freed up from administrative tasks to focus on the patient while automation of those tasks provides more real-time, actionable data. Fred Holston, Director of Healthcare at Sirius […]
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Patient Room 'Next': Improving Care Efficiency
Webinar: VMWare - Delivering Better Patient Experience with Modern Digital Infrastructure | The Multi-cloud, The Three Pillars to Modernize Health IT, and Creating a Digital Infrastructure without Impacting Quality of Care
Delivering Better Patient Experience with Modern Digital Infrastructure

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You've got multiple hats on how a government thinks about healthcare and large actions must go through Congress. And so we wait … for that once in a generation absolute knock 'em, sock, 'em opportunity, like the Affordable Care Act.

Aneesh Chopra, First CTO for the US

One of the biggest gaps that I see within organizations is when there’s NOT a senior leader that is passionate about the value data and what it can provide. As much as I love AI, AI can't exist without the data. At the end of the day, it's math and science with some art mixed in but it's the data that's really telling. So if you have an AI champion evangelizing and promoting that with the right team framework, the right hardware and software applications and the right processes for that organization to be successful, then they're going to do so.

Matt Fornito, Trace3

We’ve been bracing for either more COVID patients of our own in the pediatric world or just a big bolus of pediatric patients with all sorts of disorders that might be transferred to us from other adult facilities.

Dr. Dan Nigrin, Boston Children’s Hospital

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