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December 1, 2023: Lori Boisjoli, CIO of the University of Vermont Health Network, explores the transformational journey of implementing Agile methodologies across IT departments and its impact on healthcare delivery. How does Agile foster a culture of continuous improvement and adaptation in healthcare IT? What challenges and successes has UVM faced in integrating this approach? […]
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A good organizational governance body for cybersecurity pulls together five or six key leaders that include a CMO, a CNO, a CFO, a COO, somebody from legal and somebody from clients. The chair of the group should not be the CISO. The CISO is the advisor. The educator. They become the person who informs what the risk is and what that has to do in the context of the business strategy.

Karl West, Sirius

When I came into healthcare as a CIO, I had to sit down for eight hours straight with some of the smartest people in the room just to understand pricing. I realized there’s no way the average American can understand pricing and what they're getting themselves into when they walk into the hospital. I still believe that's true today. But I also believe it's a problem we can and should be able to solve.

Bill Russell, This Week in Health IT

Microsoft and Epic are trying to get into the cloud game but they need to figure out the sweet spot with clients who are already in and paying a lot of money. They’re not leveraging the correct way. If they truly understand how healthcare systems work then they can deliver the right tools together packaged up.

Dr. David Butler, The Chartis Group

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