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August 5, 2022: Today is a special highlight reel episode featuring Townhall’s different hosts, guests and topics that really illustrate what this channel is all about: Community. We’ve clipped together some of our favorite moments from the past 6 months. Lee Milligan, CIO for Asante and Mark Stockwell, Director of ITS Enterprise Services at Asante […]
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One thing physicians hate is clicking around looking. It’s frustrating. We found that when physicians know how the system works with some personalization, they actually spend more time in it. They're actually delving into the patient's record and looking for trends.

Amy Maneker, KLAS

Microsoft and Epic are trying to get into the cloud game but they need to figure out the sweet spot with clients who are already in and paying a lot of money. They’re not leveraging the correct way. If they truly understand how healthcare systems work then they can deliver the right tools together packaged up.

Dr. David Butler, The Chartis Group

On the financial side, you can see what your ATM card is doing on your phone, you can access your financial information anywhere in the world, but in healthcare, we can't do that. Why is that? There's a technology problem. Providers have to ensure that the right information is in the right place at the right time for patients.

Tony Thornton, World Wide Technology

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