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Keynote: AltaMed's Digital Shift, Managed Care, and Clinical Informatics with Dr. Eric Lee

UnHack the News: The Ascension Breach and Vendor Accountability with Wes Wright

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Valuable Insights from our alumni is what makes our show special

In my mind the CIO is the CDO plus the network operations guy. If you extract the CDO element from it or the CIO, they’re no longer the fun, cool, glamorous techie. They're just operations, right? You might just want an IT operator that says greenlight screen network is on and we're safe. But I think that really great CIOs do both.

William Walders, Health First

During this pandemic, at the IT level we’re all constantly talking with one another, extending support, giving each other ideas.

Dr. Dan Nigrin, Boston Children’s Hospital

You've got multiple hats on how a government thinks about healthcare and large actions must go through Congress. And so we wait … for that once in a generation absolute knock 'em, sock, 'em opportunity, like the Affordable Care Act.

Aneesh Chopra, First CTO for the US

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