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Keynote: Leadership Longevity, Team Building, and Smooth Implementations with Michael Restuccia

Keynote: Legacy Systems, Clinician Burnout, and Change Management with David Ingham

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Dr. Dana Udall, Ginger

What we're seeing with a lot of our customer base and what we are hearing when we go to the various conferences is almost a tale of two cities. We have some people that are continuing to spend with innovation. We have some people with clinician shortages and the concerns of wage inflation. We're seeing spending in security, we're seeing them spend in R and D, some AI, even some supply chain items. What we're seeing for other groups of folks is they're really looking at making sure that their investment dollars are where they need to be.

Christine Parent, MEDITECH

Let's talk about health equity. Well, you better have a data set that is actually is representative of that which you're trying to take care of, to mitigate. If we're using data sets that are not represented and we're building out algorithms and everything, that's not going to help us.

Charles Boicey, Clearsense

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