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Newsday: Leadership in Times of Budget Cuts, the ViVE Conference, and Cybersecurity Advancements
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Credentials are the nirvana state of any bad actor or cyber criminal organization. They get your credentials and then they have an incredible ability to decide what sort of exploit they want to launch against your institution.

Ryan Witt, Proofpoint

Castell has built a set of reporting tools that not only give people a broad view of how they're performing but also help them very quickly focus in on the things that need their attention. I think these tools will add value to someone at the most senior level of an organization, because they're very busy and they want to know the 3 or 4 things that they need to be worrying about.

Andrew Sorenson, Castell Health

When people request any sort of technology implementation, you want to insert design thinking at the beginning. In what way will you analyze it? Who's going to be using the technology? How are they going to be using it? What's the clinical purpose? What are they trying to accomplish?

Dirk Stanley, UConn Health

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