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Keynote: Mentorship, Diversity, and Upcoming SOAR Event with Rebecca Woods

Keynote: Leadership Longevity, Team Building, and Smooth Implementations with Michael Restuccia

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Valuable Insights from our alumni is what makes our show special

With the advent of artificial humans moving away from the IVR to actual intelligent assistance and whatnot. I think that's a huge step forward. Organizations that are utilizing that technology can have call centers operating twenty four seven with digital humans taking the place of humans.

Charles Boicey, Clearsense

With the institution of our telephone visit program, we’ve been converting and trying to minimize the risk of face to face visits that don’t necessarily have to happen. We are up to about 70% of what our previous visit volumes were before COVID-19.

Dr. Eric Lee, AltaMed

One of the things that has surprised me during this pandemic is the ability of patients being able to do virtual visits.

Randy McCleese, Twin Lakes Regional Medical Center

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