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January 20, 2023: What does the role of CTO for the federal government entail? This position provides a one-of-a-kind perspective on healthcare in the United States. Aneesh Chopra, previous holder of this position and current President of CareJourney, joins us to discuss fiscal policy, and how the C-suite might consolidate and build to scale. What […]
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The big benefit that I see coming for many of us, if we continue on this work from home, work from anywhere idea, is that you can get top notch talent relatively cheaply. I think that's a big win for healthcare

Drex DeFord, Drexio

Chronic diseases and conditions contribute to around 90% of healthcare costs and require focus and consistent targeted care. With Lenovo Virtual Care, we're providing a continuous connection, essentially a bridge, between the physician and the patient.

Cathy Meister, Lenovo

AI is somewhat analogous to driving. You can easily drive without a GPS, especially if it's somewhere close and familiar. But most patients are complicated and it helps a great deal to have the support of data science. It's like driving with a GPS to a place that's far, that you don't know and you're not familiar with.

Dr. Anthony Chang, AIMed

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