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February 26th, 2024: In this special Sneak Peek for Season 1 of UnHack (the podcast) with Drex DeFord, we are excited to discuss The Healthcare and Public Health Sector Coordinating Council (HSCC) 5 year strategic plan with Greg Garcia, Executive Director. This conversation was just too good and timely to wait, so we are sharing […]
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The early adopters of Dragon Ambient eXperience said it reduces their documentation time by 6 minutes. Their patients are scoring them higher. It’s 9 minutes less waiting time for their patients. I’m thrilled that the technology is finding ways to really push through the physician burdens.

Diana Nole - Nuance

At the end of the day it doesn't really matter what room I'm in because we all put our pants on the same way, which is one leg at a time. So if I set my audience that way, it forces me to say we are all equal. We might not look alike but we are human first and that’s given me the confidence to say it doesn't matter who you are.

Myra Davis, Texas Children's Hospital

If I were to give AI a grade during this pandemic, it would be B minus or C plus. It's not the AI's fault. It's a manifestation of how badly we need much better data, a better IT infrastructure and a better public health strategy. Otherwise the best AI that this country has is not going to be enough.

Dr. Anthony Chang, AIMed

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