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August 5, 2022: Today is a special highlight reel episode featuring Townhall’s different hosts, guests and topics that really illustrate what this channel is all about: Community. We’ve clipped together some of our favorite moments from the past 6 months. Lee Milligan, CIO for Asante and Mark Stockwell, Director of ITS Enterprise Services at Asante […]
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We are coming from a completely customized EHR and that's not a reflection of the vendor. That is truly just us as an organization. Over 20 plus years we've used the technology and customized it. I think the biggest challenge is going to be getting away from customization in general and having to adapt workflows and things we do as an organization to match what is recommended in the software.

Andrew Cooper, NCH Healthcare System

Don’t look at it as a cybersecurity problem. Look at it as a risk management problem. We have hundreds of other risks in healthcare organizations. How do you balance it all? Where do you make the investments? Improving the cybersecurity risks that you have should not be driven from a technology perspective.

Ed Ricks, Sirius Healthcare

Even as I look at who's signing up for the COVID-19 vaccines, I can break it into demographics, ages, races and specifics to make sure that our clinical leaders are being informed if we're inadvertently leaving out any segment of the population. We're constantly evolving and learning from the data and helping people to better understand the importance of preventative wellness and care.

Aaron Miri, Dell Medical School

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