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November 25, 2022: As a part of their mission to revolutionize America's healthcare system, Dr Chris Chen, CEO of ChenMed and his brother Gordon Chen wrote the book The Calling: A Memoir of Family, Faith and the Future of Healthcare, to shine a light on how an expensive, uncoordinated, and confusing system works for itself […]
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The Key to Architecting a High Speed, Highly Effective Modern Data Platform in Healthcare
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Interview in Action @ HLTH '22 - Don Woodlock, Vice President of Healthcare Solutions at InterSystems
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The transition to work from home ran into big challenges. The first is just scaling the solution so everybody has some sort of remote access. It’s not easy to scale up a hardware based firewall in your data center where if you've got SDN and it's running in software it can be clustered across multiple VMs. It's much easier to scale up if you're using a cloud based solution, like VeloCloud, where we take care of the auto scaling for you.

Craig Connors, VMware

From a technology perspective we were really able to mobilize and change the workforce. We moved 50 call center agents to remote work. We pushed 500 corporate employees to be remote as well. I’m proud to say we performed and completed that in about a week.

Dr. Eric Lee, AltaMed

At Geisinger we focus mostly on healthcare cyber threats but we do find different veins and ways of getting into other things. Some of our employees are really good at networking. Some are really good at end point. Being able to collaborate as a team, it’s amazing what doors will open and what information we get through that.

Joshua Murray, Geisinger

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