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Healthcare executives face the challenging mandate of increasing cybersecurity defenses and data protections, while managing costs and improving patient care. At Island, we help healthcare systems transform the way staff access sensitive applications and data and streamline patient care — with the Island Enterprise Browser.

Sometimes, Changing One Thing Changes Everything 

The web browser is a familiar technology that’s used in virtually every healthcare organization. But the common consumer browsers lack the critical security, access, and user enablement capabilities that enterprise organizations depend on. As a result, organizations layer on additional technologies to meet these needs — with each layer adding cost and complexity.

Island, the Enterprise Browser, is built with these enterprise capabilities. It turns the browser into a powerful tool for secure application access, data protections, and cybersecurity defense. Unlike consumer browsers, the Enterprise Browser natively integrates with other enterprise technologies to improve visibility and streamline access for everyone. Leading healthcare organizations are using Island today to ensure their staff have a secure, productive workspace that safeguards patient data and never gets in the way.

Your Blueprint to Success

  1. Adopt with Ease: Island is based on Chromium so it’s 100% compatible and offers a familiar user experience for easy adoption.
  2. Protect and Comply: Apply comprehensive access controls and data protections, with full audit logging to demonstrate compliance.
  3. Enhance Productivity: Empower staff with fast, secure access to critical healthcare applications, enhancing operational efficiency.

Take the Next Step

Embrace digital transformation in healthcare with Island. Learn more about how Island is helping healthcare organizations improve their cybersecurity defenses, data protections, and staff productivity — all while reducing IT costs.

Take the Next Step

Embrace the future of healthcare with Island. Secure, compliant, and efficient - your journey towards a transformed healthcare experience starts here. Discover how Island can revolutionize your healthcare organization.
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