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Keynote: Bridging Gaps with Virtual Care and Genomics in Rural Health with Brad Reimer

Flourish: Redefining Success - Lisa Esch's Story of Transformation and Fractional Leadership

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Valuable Insights from our alumni is what makes our show special

If you could picture cybersecurity like a door, are four double bolts enough or is it five? The HIPAA security rule does give some latitude in terms of how you establish meeting your security requirements.

Mari Savickis, CHIME

The reason I started Transcarent was because we have an urgent problem in healthcare today. And that problem is that every day people aren't getting the care they need. They're paying too much for the care. We're denying care. We have a broken healthcare system.

Glen Tullman, Transcarent

Xealth is a platform that lets clinicians prescribe digital health tools to patients, typically under the hospital systems patient portal. So it's all white labeled to the hospital system and the doctors themselves. We've integrated over 40 different vendors on behalf of our hospital systems, patients, ED, articles, videos, apps, maternity care, behavioral health, pre-op, post-op PT, OT, rehab etc. Our platform is pretty broad and whatever the clinicians think can be digitally facilitated to improve patient care or ease of experience, we can put into our prescribing workflow.

Mike McSherry, Xealth

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