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August 12, 2022: The Ukraine boasts a very educated and committed workforce. US companies have been working closely with teams over there for many years, diversifying their portfolio and bettering their fields. What do you do when war breaks out? How do you continue to support and work with that team? Brian Robertson, CEO of […]
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In our latest series of podcasts and webinar, we talk to healthcare professionals about risk management techniques surrounding unmanaged devices & how to obtain zero trust security. Sponsored by Medigate by Claroty.
Challenges and Solutions to Unmanaged Devices in Healthcare
Webinar: Rubrik - Don't Pay the Ransom
Don't Pay the Ransom | Insight into Cyber Resilience in Ransomware Attacks, Cloud Data Security, and Unstructured Data

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Today: Telehealth, The Path Forward - Part 3
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Prevent Email Attacks and Gain Visibility into Threats Targeting Your Healthcare Organization
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Newsday - Telehealth, Asynchronous Healthcare, Digital Funding and Layoffs
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The Hospital at Home Model: Why Could Hopping Back in Your Own Bed be Safer Than the Hospital’s?
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In the 1970s patients were relatively healthy with most having only one disease with one or two treatments available. In the 2020s we have transitioned to a time where people are living longer with multiple comorbidities and there are tons of treatments available. The question is how are doctors choosing? What happens if they don't have good information? We have challenges of sharing data, challenges of interoperability, challenges of accuracy. We can see where the industry needs to improve but this is a long-term commitment that will take decades.

Dr. Dan Riskin, Verantos

It’s important to be agile in terms of making modifications, making changes and adapting to new workflows on the fly.

Varun Anand, MphRx

Digital is the evolution of how technology is going to be used in our organizations. You can't separate digital and technology. These platforms are all interconnected. The way we engage with our workforce, our providers, the consumers, patients members and our communities is all going to be digital in the future.

Jason Joseph, Spectrum Health

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