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January 27, 2023: What were the hot topics at J.P. Morgan 2023? Here to discuss is Rob DeMichiei, Board Director, Strategic Advisor and Former CFO. Advent, Baylor Scott & White, CommonSpirit and Ascension all shared their “structured cost reduction initiatives”. We’re talking reductions in the hundreds of millions of dollars. How do labor costs tie […]
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RxRevu basically came to the market and started talking to payers and asked what data do you have? Can we get cost transparency data? We were looking at formulary data and they said we've got this new real-time benefit technology. Do you want to integrate it into some of your solutions? And we said sure. So we started signing up some of the bigger payers and PBMs and got some big relationships and that really fueled our growth.

Carm Huntress, RxRevu

It’s more the more timely analytics that have been a challenge, even for those organizations that have done a lot with their retrospective analytic capabilities.

Lee Pierce, Sirius

The likelihood that you’re in a community that has not seen at least one COVID-19 case is slim to none.

David Bensema, Kentucky Department for Public Health

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