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Newsday: Leadership in Times of Budget Cuts, the ViVE Conference, and Cybersecurity Advancements
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There’s a law that says if you are a Medicare recipient, to get telehealth you have to be in a health profession shortage area. It’s a very 1990s view of telehealth but it's the law. It's being ignored now because the law got thrown out during the public health emergency. But unless we change it, we will have a very strong downward draft on enthusiasm around telehealth because as you know, when Medicare goes, so does the rest of the payer community.

Dr. Joseph C Kvedar, ATA

We are still in the middle of this pandemic and CMS and ONC, and the finalization of those rules did give some leeway. November 2nd is going to be the enforcement deadline for these information blocking requirements. Everyone is going to be required to comply.

Andrew Tomlinson, CHIME

Just before COVID hit, we were already talking about more remote radiology viewing stations at home. We'd set up about 6 of them. Two weeks into COVID, we had 50 up and running. That's an example of a new workflow that will almost for sure be sustained, because in private practice radiology, more radiologists are starting to work from home.

Dr. Andrew Rosenberg, Michigan Medicine

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