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December 2: A very special episode today. “Interviews with Leaders on the Floor of CHIME 2022”. Andrea Daugherty, CIO at Dell Medical School / University of Texas Austin talks about her role as CIO of the Future. Pete Marks, CIO & VP at WakeMed discusses what is taking the joy away from practicing medicine. Sarah […]
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The role of Chief Digital Officer at Baptist Memorial is primarily from the patient engagement perspective. How our health system interacts with it’s patients and how we provide care digitally. But a secondary focus that has come to the forefront during the pandemic is digitally engaging our workforce as well, for new ways of working.

Tom Barnett, Baptist Memorial

I sat on some calls with ICU physicians that were painful. Hearing the frustration from clinicians who were unable to determine who they needed to admit and put on a ventilator or in an emergency room or who could go home and not having that answer. Not being able to rely on their own medical judgment. There wasn't any literature out yet. That was really difficult.

Angelique Russell, Cogitativo

Is this idea going to get us big consumer impact and big patient impact? And what are the resources required to do that? The no-brainers are low resources, huge impact. For things that require additional resources we started developing business cases to get approval. We have a very, very robust roadmap that came out of that and in less than a year we were able to implement a really big chunk of that roadmap. We implemented a brand new CRM.

Mona Baset, SCL Health

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