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Valuable Insights from our alumni is what makes our show special

We think about products with something we call the golden thread which is, products don't stand alone anymore. You can't just run off and instantiate a video visit without engaging all of the other products. You’ve had the visit. Now what? How does the data flow? How does the patient experience flow? What about patient automation messaging?

Nancy Ham, WebPT

You always have to be ready for a crisis. It’s too late when you try to get yourself ready.

Nader Mherabi, NYU Langone

In our IT help desk software we created a pandemic dashboard. We’ve got about 75 items that we’re tracking right now. Early on it was the screening centers and then work from home. We had to deploy a lot of laptops and connect folks that were not typical remote users. It’s now shifted to managing the call centers. It’s different than when you have everybody in the same building. We’re now supporting our operational partners from a unified communication perspective.

Robert Eardley, University Hospitals

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