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UnHack (the Podcast): From Sports to Christmas Movies - Unhack Cybersecurity with Analogies

Keynote: Defending Health Data: The Rubrik & Microsoft Alliance for Cyber Resilience

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Chronic diseases and conditions contribute to around 90% of healthcare costs and require focus and consistent targeted care. With Lenovo Virtual Care, we're providing a continuous connection, essentially a bridge, between the physician and the patient.

Cathy Meister, Lenovo

With tablets to keep families and communities connected, because of the social isolation not being able to see their loved ones in the hospital … technology has been able to bridge that gap.

Andy Crowder, Atrium Health

I don't know what the future is going to look like. Nobody's got a crystal ball. But if we have to pivot, how can we implement this quickly? Pure Storage and Sectra vendors like us need a plan for agility to pivot to handling the unpredictable.

Mark Dobbs, Pure Storage

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