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Keynote: Merging Cultures, AI Innovations, and Epic Milestones with Jason Joseph

Keynote: AltaMed's Digital Shift, Managed Care, and Clinical Informatics with Dr. Eric Lee

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Valuable Insights from our alumni is what makes our show special

A lot of the manufacturers don't have a process for updating software or technology within the medical device itself. The other challenge is there's just so many. At Cook Children's we have 20,000 medical devices on our network. If you can imagine trying to manage, keep up and ensure that they're all at the right software code levels or even just still in good functioning order. Something of that magnitude is really hard for an organization to manage when you don't have good tools to do that. So pile the security risk on with the fact that there's so many tools or devices out there today, you really kind of create this perfect storm of issues that need to be addressed in healthcare.

Theresa Meadows, Cook Children's

Things shift. Even in non-healthcare. Where do you go from the best of breed point solutions to the platform and back again? Right now I think Epic is trying to be all things to all people. Will that change?

Anne Weiler, AWS

As far as the community's sake during this pandemic, Baptist Health are just trying to be the trusted source of information.

Dr. Brett Oliver, Baptist Health

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