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February 3, 2023: How can healthcare make the transition from ‘sick’ care to keeping people healthy, well and engaged in the community? Nassar Nizami, Executive VP and CIO at Jefferson Health shares his vision. What are some of the priorities at Jefferson going into 2023? What are they doing in the fields of AI, automation […]
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Sadly many health systems are running around putting out fires, answering requests, keeping the lights on. We don't have time to actually look back at our security systems configurations and say, Hey, are we utilizing the system that we spent a million dollars on? And is it up to date?

Jim Brady, Fairview Health Services

Access to data and technology creates the opportunity for advancements like machine learning and artificial intelligence. The ability to forecast has the potential to transform care and improve health. Accelerating innovation but also reducing the time it takes to translate that learning into decisions at the bedside.

Seth Pazinski, ONC

Cybersecurity is hot. It continues to be our hottest policy priority year after year. We have a lot of problems. The health sector has been behind the eight ball. Behind energy and banking and retail. But I think we've been working hard these past few years to catch up.

Mari Savickis, CHIME

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