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March 28: Today on the Conference channel, it’s an Interview in Action live from ViVe 2023 with David Levy, Vice President, & Angela Shippy, Senior Physician Executive at Amazon Web Services. What are the key problems AWS is trying to solve in healthcare? What do David and Angela see being a focus for the healthcare […]
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Newsday: Serving Technology or Technology Serving Us, How are We Integrating AI Into Our Workflows?
Newsday: Serving Technology or Technology Serving Us, How are We Integrating AI Into Our Workflows?
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TownHall: Physician-Member Organizations and How to be Their Support IT
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You can't provide modern healthcare without digital health. EHR, DRPs and the thousands of other applications have to run on relatively modern online networks. What happens if we go offline? You have to think about it from the perspective of resilience. If we're down for one day, what does it cost us? If we're down for 30 days what does it cost us?

Drex DeFord, CrowdStrike

As an independent medical group, at Summit Health we have found that the more we spend on a patient in the ambulatory setting and the less we spend on inexpensive care settings like hospitals, emergency rooms and post acute care facilities, the better the outcomes and the lower the total cost of care.

Ashish Parikh, MD, Summit Health

The way to avoid denials is to have a world-class revenue cycle department. To me. blocking and tackling is involved but we know not all health systems do it. The other part of it is the cat and mouse game that has always been played between provider and insurer.

Rob DeMichiei, Retired CFO

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