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Valuable Insights from our alumni is what makes our show special

One of our strategies was trying to get away from the traditional complex backup system where you had one or two backup specialists. There's not necessarily anything wrong with that, but if you've got an emergency and you've got to find the backup guy, it can be a challenge and it delays our patient care.

Michael Friesen, Cone Health

We have this program called Inception which is a startup program that now nurtures more than 12,000 startups across industries. Healthcare is the largest segment within our inception program members. I oversee 1800 healthcare AI startups globally. And with that, we see many innovations in AI across medical imaging, instruments, drug discovery, genomics, and analytics.

Renee Yao, NVIDIA

Data access is a conversation we've been having over and over again. When I hear about people who can get information on their pet, from their vet, within minutes, without any issues, it just seems sad. We have done a better job to make sure that our animal’s medical records are more available than people.

Joy Rios, HIT Like a Girl

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