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Keynote: Mentorship, Diversity, and Upcoming SOAR Event with Rebecca Woods

Keynote: Leadership Longevity, Team Building, and Smooth Implementations with Michael Restuccia

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Valuable Insights from our alumni is what makes our show special

What drove us to the cloud initially was Amazon’s Alexa. We've been able to install significant amounts of Alexa devices in patient rooms and it’s been a huge success. That was the kickstart to reducing our data center and getting our IT staff thinking in a different way. It was the start of our journey into the public cloud.

Brian Farmintino, New Hanover Regional Medical Center

Your resume should demonstrate innovation, forward thinking and results. It’s almost a sales document. It has to stand by itself to get you to that next level. Whether it's an executive search firm or you're submitting it yourself, it has to show value as to why they would want to talk to you.

Judy Kirby, Kirby Partners

Threat hunters are proactive. They have expertise behind them that can help them look in the right place. So it's kind of cheating on an Easter egg hunt, because if you have somebody telling you where to look, you'll probably find the eggs. And that's what CrowdStrike is helping us do. We're not just hunting. We're hunting intelligently.

David Maddox, Saint Luke's Health System

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