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Keynote: The Impact of Cross System Communication with Brett Oliver, Lacy Knight, and Matthew Sullivan

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Interview in Action @ HIMSS 24’: DAX Copilot’s Impact on Efficiency and Clinician Burnout with Kenneth Harper

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Valuable Insights from our alumni is what makes our show special

One of the proud moments during the pandemic for me was, when we all went home we were not sure about productivity. But 2 to 3 months into COVID our CFO said I have not seen any loss of productivity. This is a person who was not a believer of remote working. Now he's a believer.

Nassar Nizami, Jefferson Health

In networking, it's really complicated to try to track the flow from an application server to a web server, to a database server. If you're not using software, you're bound to have inefficient processes and create error results.

Brian Lancaster, Nebraska Medicine

The role of Chief Digital Officer at Baptist Memorial is primarily from the patient engagement perspective. How our health system interacts with it’s patients and how we provide care digitally. But a secondary focus that has come to the forefront during the pandemic is digitally engaging our workforce as well, for new ways of working.

Tom Barnett, Baptist Memorial

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