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Keynote: Unpacking the Practical Impacts of Generative AI on Clinician Workflow with CT Lin

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Interview in Action @ ViVE '24: IT Solutions with CTG's Christine Blanchard

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Valuable Insights from our alumni is what makes our show special

Just before COVID hit, we were already talking about more remote radiology viewing stations at home. We'd set up about 6 of them. Two weeks into COVID, we had 50 up and running. That's an example of a new workflow that will almost for sure be sustained, because in private practice radiology, more radiologists are starting to work from home.

Dr. Andrew Rosenberg, Michigan Medicine

One thing physicians hate is clicking around looking. It’s frustrating. We found that when physicians know how the system works with some personalization, they actually spend more time in it. They're actually delving into the patient's record and looking for trends.

Amy Maneker, KLAS

The intent of the 2020-2025 Federal Health IT Strategic Plan is to reduce the regulatory administrative burden to allow clinicians to have more time with their patients and have a better overall experience with delivering health care.

Seth Pazinski, ONC

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