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Keynote: Bridging Gaps with Virtual Care and Genomics in Rural Health with Brad Reimer

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Valuable Insights from our alumni is what makes our show special

The overarching strategy in healthcare is that we're just trying to solve problems with solutions, not technology. It sometimes takes a lot of technology to make those things happen but the hospitals, the clinicians and the patients shouldn't have to think about that.

Ed Ricks, Sirius

I would say that I am most curious about creating a code based infrastructure. Having the minimum necessary footprint from an infrastructure perspective so that I can really double down on what it means for us to be a high-performing software development shop and being able to do that in the most nuanced ways that are new and exciting and allow people to keep growing and building and learning.

Sarah Richardson, Tivity Health

Healthcare is looking for a robust, integrated, person-centered record that can operate across multiple care delivery environments and bring efficiency and less friction to the patient and consumer health experience through whatever digital front door they want to walk through. And certainly from a clinical perspective, release all off the cognitive burden and load that physicians and nurses in particular are feeling.

Helen Waters, MEDITECH

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