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AI is somewhat analogous to driving. You can easily drive without a GPS, especially if it's somewhere close and familiar. But most patients are complicated and it helps a great deal to have the support of data science. It's like driving with a GPS to a place that's far, that you don't know and you're not familiar with.

Dr. Anthony Chang, AIMed

In the 1970s patients were relatively healthy with most having only one disease with one or two treatments available. In the 2020s we have transitioned to a time where people are living longer with multiple comorbidities and there are tons of treatments available. The question is how are doctors choosing? What happens if they don't have good information? We have challenges of sharing data, challenges of interoperability, challenges of accuracy. We can see where the industry needs to improve but this is a long-term commitment that will take decades.

Dr. Dan Riskin, Verantos

Texas Health Resources, like many other healthcare systems across the country, are really trying hard to make that pivot from viewing everything from a patient centric lens to more of a consumer centric lens. The relationships start perhaps even before our first encounter with an individual. How do we help advance that change with technology? How do we help healthcare look more like other industries who have to take a consumer centric focus or perish?

Joey Sudomir, Texas Health Resources

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