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Newsday: Leadership in Times of Budget Cuts, the ViVE Conference, and Cybersecurity Advancements
Newsday: Leadership in Times of Budget Cuts, the ViVE Conference, and Cybersecurity Advancements
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We've got bajillions of help desk requests and it's overwhelming. How do we solve them? Most organizations get stuck because they don't set up the right governance and processes before they start automating.

Tim Norris, RSA

We're looking for fall detection. And the way Quil Health does that right now is we learn the blueprint of the home, essentially. So we look for patterns in how they move throughout that home. And as they pass through these different sensor zones, we can understand if they are in a hallway or in a stairwell for longer than expected then there's a high probability that they've had some sort of event in there. And from that we can raise a concern to the family member to say, Hey you might want to contact mom or dad and find out what's going on. Have they fallen or something like that.

Dwight Raum, Quil Health

One of the attributes of being a physician that really helps you in a CIO role is curiosity. Really trying to pick things apart and understand things. Because that’s half the battle sometimes. Really understanding the problem you're trying to solve.

Lee David Milligan, MD, Asante Health

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