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Valuable Insights from our alumni is what makes our show special

With the COVID crisis mounting in New York City, on March 15th we made the decision that number one, clogging up the system with nonessential orthopedic surgery was not in the public health’s best interest. Number two, if we could empty those patients out of our hospital and not treat them, it would allow us to take COVID patients from other hospitals.

Jamie Nelson, Hospital for Special Surgery

Overwhelmingly care teams want to ensure that they're providing really high quality and low cost care to their patients. And they're deeply engaged in ensuring that their patients get the best outcome. And what I've seen is that that makes them really primed for adoption of new tools and processes that are aimed at achieving those outcomes.

Andrew Sorenson, Castell Health

Myself, the team at Lumedic and the standards and consortia bodies we participate in, believe at a global level that people should have a right to their privacy, to their data access and to control and protection over their data.

Jim St. Clair, Lumedic

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