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November 18, 2022: Why is cybersecurity still so complex? What is the 1/10/60 minute challenge and how does it help to stop breaches? Drex DeFord, Executive Healthcare Strategist at CrowdStrike brings 20 years of military skills to the healthcare cybersecurity table. The attacks are getting faster and faster. The bad guys only have to be […]
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In our IT help desk software we created a pandemic dashboard. We’ve got about 75 items that we’re tracking right now. Early on it was the screening centers and then work from home. We had to deploy a lot of laptops and connect folks that were not typical remote users. It’s now shifted to managing the call centers. It’s different than when you have everybody in the same building. We’re now supporting our operational partners from a unified communication perspective.

Robert Eardley, University Hospitals

I think during the pandemic, a lot of folks quickly adopted single platforms that did maybe one thing text messaging or something in order to relieve pressure on phone systems and different things like that. And now they're coming back and trying to figure out, did that solve the problem? Did we just sort of band-aid it? Is it putting unintentional silos of communication together, which we obviously don't need anymore of. So I think there's not only a, Hey, we've got to adopt some new things, but there's a step back to say, did we get what we wanted when we first purchased these different technologies?

Patty Hayward, Talkdesk

My dad was certainly very skeptical when we put the Quil Assure units into his home. At the end I was doing a survey and I asked him about the technology and did he feel it was evasive? And I was really surprised when he told me it just kind of melted into the background. He didn't even notice it anymore. I imagine many caregivers and seniors have that relationship where the caregiver is mediating the trust. And I think that was a really critical component to Assure being a successful tool. He wasn't overtly mindful of the sensors that just blended into the background.

Dwight Raum, Quil Health

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