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Keynote: Mentorship, Diversity, and Upcoming SOAR Event with Rebecca Woods

Keynote: Leadership Longevity, Team Building, and Smooth Implementations with Michael Restuccia

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Valuable Insights from our alumni is what makes our show special

I think the systems that do best with their EHR are the ones that have nurses on the informatics team. Nurses who have been at the bedside and understand the workflows personally. That makes a huge difference.

Dr. Justin Collier, World Wide Technology

There needs to be more investment in cybersecurity across the board for healthcare. I understand a lot of factors play into it from budget and resource standpoints. There's a lot of constraints. But I think one of the remedies is understanding who is being attacked in your environment. There’s a lot of data and research about where bad actors are focusing their time and energy.

Ryan Witt, Proofpoint

We need to talk to clinicians, administrators and family members to really understand the journey mapping, the technology, the data, people and processes. Whenever we do that it helps reduce friction on both sides of the equation.

Eric Quinones, MD, World Wide Technology

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