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January 27, 2023: What were the hot topics at J.P. Morgan 2023? Here to discuss is Rob DeMichiei, Board Director, Strategic Advisor and Former CFO. Advent, Baylor Scott & White, CommonSpirit and Ascension all shared their “structured cost reduction initiatives”. We’re talking reductions in the hundreds of millions of dollars. How do labor costs tie […]
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At the outset of Covid there were lots of warnings about mental health. Some of my colleagues, friends and family members who had never thought about seeing or talking to somebody have all leveraged telehealth mental health services. I think telehealth brings down some of the barriers where it might be easier to speak to someone about your problems over video rather than going there in person.

Frank Nydam, VMware

If healthcare were a power system I would want to know, where's the voltage going? Where's the juice? In healthcare, to me, the juice is your digital records.

David Ting, Tausight

Prior to COVID there was no reimbursement of physical therapy for rehab. All of a sudden Medicare approved it. Virtually all the private payers followed suit. The industry did a magnificent job pivoting. Some people went from 0% to 100% tele-rehab in a matter of weeks.

Nancy Ham, WebPT

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