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Imagine a future where smart hospital platforms facilitate treatment regardless of patient and clinician location, where patients reap the healing benefits of patient distraction devices, and clinicians are freed up from administrative tasks to focus on the patient while automation of those tasks provides more real-time, actionable data. Fred Holston, Director of Healthcare at Sirius […]
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Delivering Better Patient Experience with Modern Digital Infrastructure

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Remember, our technology was bound to the four walls of the hospital. Now, as you've journeyed the past 16, 17 years, it's completely different. There is no perimeter for healthcare anymore. And I love it. Because I see technology as the enabler to change how we deliver patient care and create better quality and better outcomes.

Chris Logan, Censinet

Uber does crazy mathematics with dynamic real-time adjustment and machine learning to get this supply/demand signal to match in a world where the demand is volatile and the supply is unpredictable. Healthcare can do that. That’s kind of what we’ve done.

Mohan Giridharadas, LeanTaaS

Care at home monitoring devices can tell you if something happened but I'm really interested in the preventative side and the community side. Loneliness is a problem. And are you being active? Monitoring can tell you what happened but it can't actually change the behavior that we need for people to live longer and more independently.

Anne Weiler, AWS

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