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Keynote: Bridging Gaps with Virtual Care and Genomics in Rural Health with Brad Reimer

Flourish: Redefining Success - Lisa Esch's Story of Transformation and Fractional Leadership

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The way to avoid denials is to have a world-class revenue cycle department. To me. blocking and tackling is involved but we know not all health systems do it. The other part of it is the cat and mouse game that has always been played between provider and insurer.

Rob DeMichiei, Retired CFO

It’s not a matter of IF you'll have a cyber incident. It's a matter of WHEN. And more importantly, how do you get back to business? How do you continue operations knowing that everything in the cyber blast radius has been contained?

David Ting, Tausight

When am I refreshing my hardware for everything application server wise? Can I get into a predictable refresh model where I can come to you and say, here's the costs for updating 33% of my clinical application infrastructure hardware, including Epic every year to make that a palatable cost? Or are we going to get stuck in this format where I knock on your door every three years and say, hey, we've got to do a hardware refresh. We have two months then we're out of capacity.

Marty Momdjian, Sirius

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