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Keynote: Bridging Gaps with Virtual Care and Genomics in Rural Health with Brad Reimer

Flourish: Redefining Success - Lisa Esch's Story of Transformation and Fractional Leadership

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It still is the human element that is the most dangerous. And no matter what we do, the bad actors outside the institution are not nearly as dangerous as the people that we’re looking at inside.

David Muntz, StarBridge Advisors

As an independent medical group, at Summit Health we have found that the more we spend on a patient in the ambulatory setting and the less we spend on inexpensive care settings like hospitals, emergency rooms and post acute care facilities, the better the outcomes and the lower the total cost of care.

Ashish Parikh, MD, Summit Health

The thing that keeps me up at night is ensuring that we have really easy streamlined experiences for our patients. The more different solutions we bring together, the more we have to be really careful about how we orchestrate those and how they appear to a patient. That's a big focus.

Mona Baset, SCL Health

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