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Keynote: Mentorship, Diversity, and Upcoming SOAR Event with Rebecca Woods

Keynote: Leadership Longevity, Team Building, and Smooth Implementations with Michael Restuccia

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Valuable Insights from our alumni is what makes our show special

The cyber E-crime syndicates are able to make so much money and take very little risk in actually being arrested or going to jail. It's a very lucrative business. And very lucrative businesses in the free market, even in the criminal world, get more money, get more investments and get people who want to be involved in cutting edge, bleeding edge high tech. And that's what a lot of the adversaries are today. They're high tech companies with CEOs and CFOs. They have bonus programs, they have employee of the month programs. Literally they have all the kinds of things that big companies have, they have all kinds of alliances with negotiators for ransom and all those things.

Drex DeFord, CrowdStrike

Part of being a successful technologist in healthcare is living and breathing the experience.

Mostafa Khairzada, Pacific Dental

We probably did five years of telemedicine evolution in five weeks. It will never go back. Telemedicine is here to stay.

Dr. Ben Kanter, Vocera

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