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UnHack (the Podcast): From Sports to Christmas Movies - Unhack Cybersecurity with Analogies

Keynote: Defending Health Data: The Rubrik & Microsoft Alliance for Cyber Resilience

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Valuable Insights from our alumni is what makes our show special

If you find yourself in a situation where you're having a cybersecurity incident and you're having trouble getting in contact with the right federal officials, you can always contact CHIME. We will help you navigate that.

Mari Savickis, CHIME

You've got to find leaders with the right mindset. It’s important to support the relationship with the leadership in the ED with the right doctors or the right mindset. Let them know you understand the pressure they're under. A lot of times you don't realize until you pull an all-nighter or sit in the ED watching horrific things happen and amazing things happen. They're literally saving lives.

David Baker, Pacific Dental

Your resume should demonstrate innovation, forward thinking and results. It’s almost a sales document. It has to stand by itself to get you to that next level. Whether it's an executive search firm or you're submitting it yourself, it has to show value as to why they would want to talk to you.

Judy Kirby, Kirby Partners

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