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June 24, 2022: Today we are sharing the Health Care Industry Cybersecurity (HCIC) Task Force's report on cybersecurity: Report on Improving Cybersecurity in the Health Care Industry.  They identified the following 6 key imperatives: Define and streamline leadership, governance, and expectations for healthcare industry cybersecurity Increase the security and resilience of medical devices and health […]
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Vaccination efforts, and especially mass vaccination events, are not for the weak. It’s some of the toughest, most challenging work I’ve ever done. From managing different types of vaccine, to leveraging complex technology and scheduling systems, to coordinating staff and volunteers. It’s a lot of hard work for any size event, but especially ones on scale. Each location has nuances, each new eligible group brings considerations and challenges, and timelines are often ridiculously short. Having the right team, leaders, and partners, all with the same mission and goals – that’s what makes it happen.

Becky Fox, Atrium Health

No application, no system will be a hundred percent compliant and anyone that tries to be will be bankrupt. What you want to do is your best effort to make sure that they are as compliant as humanly possible, which is difficult.

Mitch Parker, IU Health

The importance of saying that payers should be making data available and interoperating in the same manner that providers have been required to is a really important part of extending the interoperability ecosystem. In fact, it’s a critical part.

Micky Tripathi, Arcadia

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