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February 26th, 2024: In this special Sneak Peek for Season 1 of UnHack (the podcast) with Drex DeFord, we are excited to discuss The Healthcare and Public Health Sector Coordinating Council (HSCC) 5 year strategic plan with Greg Garcia, Executive Director. This conversation was just too good and timely to wait, so we are sharing […]
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Lenovo virtual care really allows the provider to remotely monitor the patient's compliance, guide them through adherence to their care plan, and even educate the patients, family members and caregivers around the condition.

Cathy Meister, Lenovo

We have surge capacity plans that are in place. We had planned for close to 9 or 10 times the COVID-19 numbers we're seeing now. We're going to keep watching the data daily and what is happening in our state and at local levels and then we can go back to contingency planning and extra staffing plans if we need to.

Jake Lancaster, Baptist Memorial

The likelihood that you’re in a community that has not seen at least one COVID-19 case is slim to none.

David Bensema, Kentucky Department for Public Health

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