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UnHack (the Podcast): From Sports to Christmas Movies - Unhack Cybersecurity with Analogies

Keynote: Defending Health Data: The Rubrik & Microsoft Alliance for Cyber Resilience

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Valuable Insights from our alumni is what makes our show special

We are going to look at the medical record of every COVID positive patient that has been tested in our organizations and we are actually going to start to look at characteristics about them. Who had a severe infection? What were the earliest signs? Can you predict severity based on early signs?”

John Halamka, Mayo Clinic

While the first thing we do is continue to treat patients, the research and education shields of Mayo Clinic have been on hyperdrive and have been doing really incredible stuff.

Cris Ross, Mayo Clinic

If somebody is in your network undetected for six months, it’s essentially the equivalency of them living in the closet of your spare bedroom for six months and observing your family. How they operate, what they do etc. I know that's really creepy, but from a cyber standpoint that’s essentially what is happening.

Ryan Witt, Proofpoint

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