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July 29, 2022: Ashish Atreja, CIO and Chief Digital Health Officer oversees UC Davis Health’s expansion of its digital relationships with patients and other hospitals, bridging the gap between IT, academia, research, and innovation as “Digital Davis” becomes a global hub for digital health. Prior to UC, he was at Mount Sinai where he established […]
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IT leaders can have way too many priorities and way too much discussion for way too long about getting something done. I saw COVID speed in the last year and I hope it continues. COVID speed. COVID focus. Let's not get bogged down in some of the debates. Let’s focus on getting things done.

Sue Schade, StarBridge Advisors

The overarching strategy in healthcare is that we're just trying to solve problems with solutions, not technology. It sometimes takes a lot of technology to make those things happen but the hospitals, the clinicians and the patients shouldn't have to think about that.

Ed Ricks, Sirius

Interoperability is the biggest thorn in clinicians sides. When I'm in the exam room I think about it constantly. I can't see where my patient went when they got their colonoscopy. And someone has to fax it to me if I ask three times. Then I'll get a piece of paper on my desk.

Mark Weisman, CMIO

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