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Keynote: AI Made Practical: Cost, Efficiency, and Clinician Experience with Michael Pfeffer

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Interview in Action @ HIMSS '24: Phishing in Healthcare with Mick Coady

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Valuable Insights from our alumni is what makes our show special

COVID-19 is a wonderfully flexible lure for any kind of cybercrime actor.

Ryan Kalember, Proofpoint

At Life Image we invest in interoperability and public standards. No proprietary anything in our platform. We don't do proprietary codes. We don't do proprietary standards. We want everything to be accessible. That has been our corporate value for more than a decade.

Matt Michela, Life Image

The downside of being a physician in an administrative role is that you can overdo it. You can overplay the hand of I'm a doctor and I know what I'm talking about. That can be used for good and not so good. So you have to calibrate that. You have to choose when you're gonna play that card.

Joel Klein, MD, University of Maryland

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