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September 30, 2022: How does a leader with impressive AMEX and Disney experience run a healthcare system? Tony Ambrozie, Senior VP and Chief Digital and Information Officer at Baptist Health Florida is advancing the healthcare experience, one revolutionary step at a time. We are looking to create ‘experiences’ but where do you start? What would […]
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Webinar: VMWare - Delivering Better Patient Experience with Modern Digital Infrastructure | The Multi-cloud, The Three Pillars to Modernize Health IT, and Creating a Digital Infrastructure without Impacting Quality of Care
Delivering Better Patient Experience with Modern Digital Infrastructure

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Trust has eroded in so many different verticals. You've seen the reports, especially in politics. The one that has been maintained is doctors and nurses. They have always had trust. So I would leverage that trust and really make sure my clinicians felt like their job had meaning and that they have the ability to influence the organization.

Ed Marx, The HCI Group

Don’t look at it as a cybersecurity problem. Look at it as a risk management problem. We have hundreds of other risks in healthcare organizations. How do you balance it all? Where do you make the investments? Improving the cybersecurity risks that you have should not be driven from a technology perspective.

Ed Ricks, Sirius Healthcare

People are under a lot of emotional strain outside of work because of the uncertainties of what's happening. I've seen that level of pressure within the teams. So I think you're going to have to do more hand holding during the pandemic. We've tried to do that across the board.

Dr. Zafar Chaudry, Seattle Children's

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