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September 23, 2022: How do you integrate two health systems together? BHSH System is the merger of Beaumont and Spectrum. Jason Joseph, Chief Digital and Information Officer is helping create a new health system, For Michigan,‎ By Michigan. What are the top priorities? How do you integrate the EHR? What is your consumer facing strategy? […]
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I would argue that as we train our next generation of doctors, we're going to see a specialty called a Virtualist. Like a Hospitalist, but you're a virtualist. You can be anywhere to deliver the same care and you can get people in the home to be your hands and feet if need be.

John Halamka, Mayo Clinic Platform

When am I refreshing my hardware for everything application server wise? Can I get into a predictable refresh model where I can come to you and say, here's the costs for updating 33% of my clinical application infrastructure hardware, including Epic every year to make that a palatable cost? Or are we going to get stuck in this format where I knock on your door every three years and say, hey, we've got to do a hardware refresh. We have two months then we're out of capacity.

Marty Momdjian, Sirius

You have totally laissez-faire capitalism and then you have completely run by the government in a socialized fashion. As you can imagine, most things lie in the middle. And healthcare lies in the middle somewhere too.

Dr. Eric Bricker, AHealthcareZ

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