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Valuable Insights from our alumni is what makes our show special

We are coming from a completely customized EHR and that's not a reflection of the vendor. That is truly just us as an organization. Over 20 plus years we've used the technology and customized it. I think the biggest challenge is going to be getting away from customization in general and having to adapt workflows and things we do as an organization to match what is recommended in the software.

Andrew Cooper, NCH Healthcare System

There’s a law that says if you are a Medicare recipient, to get telehealth you have to be in a health profession shortage area. It’s a very 1990s view of telehealth but it's the law. It's being ignored now because the law got thrown out during the public health emergency. But unless we change it, we will have a very strong downward draft on enthusiasm around telehealth because as you know, when Medicare goes, so does the rest of the payer community.

Dr Joseph Kvedar, ATA

The parallels are really striking between what's happening with schools and technology and what's happening in healthcare and technology in the pandemic. People are finding themselves thrust into situations that they're not prepared for.

David McSwain, MD, Medical University of South Carolina

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