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February 3, 2023: How can healthcare make the transition from ‘sick’ care to keeping people healthy, well and engaged in the community? Nassar Nizami, Executive VP and CIO at Jefferson Health shares his vision. What are some of the priorities at Jefferson going into 2023? What are they doing in the fields of AI, automation […]
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Newsday: Key Takeaways from the 2023 J.P. Morgan Conference and Predictions for Healthcare Finances
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When it comes to human centered design, don’t let IT people design consumer solutions. That's principle number one.

Ryan Smith, Intermountain

Take a little bit of time up front before you engage in the technology. Get the security engineering happening, get the design, get the process and get the playbooks put into place. It can save you on the investments significantly because people are your key resource. If we can get people engaged, they're going to catch a high majority of these phish attacks that are coming in.

Karl West, Sirius

If I were to give AI a grade during this pandemic, it would be B minus or C plus. It's not the AI's fault. It's a manifestation of how badly we need much better data, a better IT infrastructure and a better public health strategy. Otherwise the best AI that this country has is not going to be enough.

Dr. Anthony Chang, AIMed

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