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Traditional patient rooms involve sitting on the table, waiting, and tentative knocks on the door.

We’re redefining the way we look at patient rooms.

We’re reimagining the future.

Patient room efficiency would hit the top of the priority list but most of the time it is pushed to a lower rank with how stressful and challenging hospital system atmospheres can be sometimes, which is why we are here to take the reins on some creative solutions and you can sit back, listen, and enjoy.

We’re hosting a September 29th webinar, “Patient Room 'Next': Improving Care Efficiency,” where we dive into patient care, the environment in which it takes place, and its future. Revel in the conversation orchestrated by Stephanie Lahr, MD, CIO, and CMIO at Monument Health, Billy Prows, Enterprise Information Systems Architect at Intermountain Healthcare, Dr. Annabaker Garber, Former CNIO for HCA Healthcare, and Fred Holston, CDW/Sirius Healthcare Strategist.  

Host and Panelists of Webinar: Sirius Healthcare: Patient Room Next - Improving Care Efficiency

Before the webinar check out the Briefing Campaign on our channel hitting on 5 major topics. Speaker Fred Holsten sheds light on advancements surrounding the space in which patients receive care, predictive analytics, AI, and automation. In these conversations, we discuss: What is Patient Room ‘Next’ and how is it evolving the space in which patients receive care now and into the future, Intermountain Healthcare’s journey into the future of predictive analytics, how automation and AI can help you to support your nurses more effectively, Dragon Ambient eXperience (Nuance DAX), and CDW/Sirius’s Healthcare Technology Innovation Labs.

Hear about technological tools that have been explored and implemented for clinician effectiveness, how to step into the “Patient Room 'Next'” future, and the progress in our Nation’s health systems regarding PRN. Bring your hospital system into tomorrow with sound advancements and peace of mind. We’re looking to advance healthcare, and we know you are too. Hope to see you there!

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