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Frederick Holston

Director of Healthcare

Sirius Healthcare

Fred Holston is a healthcare strategist whose central focus is helping healthcare technology serve the greater good of healthcare organizations. Fred believes that healthcare technologists should focus resources on the right solution while simplifying the complexity of healthcare and IT. An industry veteran, Fred considers not only the impacts to technology, but also the impacts to the people affected by healthcare services–including consumers, patients, physicians and staff. Prior to joining Sirius, Fred spent 19 years as Intermountain Healthcare’s chief technology officer. Intermountain is a globally respected leader in high-quality, low-cost healthcare headquartered in Salt Lake City, Utah.



The nurse can't be in the patient room watching them all the time. The current digital influence allows us to monitor and learn about care minute to minute. Even when they go home. This will be a huge impact in the future.
I’m a patient. How do I want care? Not just a cool digital app, it's the entire process. I think this entire rethinking of what we provide, what they really want, is going be a game changer.
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