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Sirius Healthcare's Patient Room ‘Next’ Powered in Partnership with Nvidia and Artisight

Technologies from NVIDIA and Artisight Power Sirius Healthcare’s Patient Room ‘Next’ Imagine a healthcare environment where smart, IoT-connected platforms allow clinicians to focus on patient care. Leaders could focus on productivity. Staff would be enable by flexible technologies that function consistently, regardless of location or room configuration. Sensors would provide data directly to EHRs. Intuitive […]

How a Hybrid Cloud Strategy Can Deliver Value, Speed, and Security with Sirius Healthcare

Health system leaders can enable greater agility and scalability for their Epic EHR, while also maintaining its performance, by developing a cloud strategy tailored around the use of the hybrid cloud. Today’s Challenges Epic EHR changes at a rapid pace due to necessary upgrades required to keep up with the rapid changes in healthcare. Many times, […]


2022 Health IT Trends, Experts Weigh In

Health IT Trends to Watch in 2022 The rise of new virtual care, remote work, and high-tech solutions that began in 2020 continued on in 2021, making it another landmark year for health IT adoption and innovation. The 24 months of rapid change has  incentivized healthcare leaders to try and align with health IT trends […]

Can Health IT Prevent Clinician Burnout Through Digital Tools?

Fighting Clinician Burnout at the Intersection of Technology and Health IT Initiatives Preventing clinician burnout is an integral part of fostering long-term health system success. But even before COVID-19 hit, healthcare workers struggled against burnout, and the pandemic has only worsened the problem. According to a Mental Health America (MHA) survey of 1,119 healthcare workers […]

The Fight Against Cyber Criminals: Health IT Experts Explore the 2021 Cybersecurity Landscape

Experts Explain How to Navigate the Healthcare Cybersecurity Landscape for a Safer Future October may be National Cybersecurity Awareness Month, but the 2021 cybersecurity landscape has health IT leaders need to be wary of cyber threats every minute of every day.  This Week in Health IT founder and host Bill Russell first likened the healthcare […]

The Future of Remote Work: Healthcare IT Leaders Weigh In

The future of remote work in healthcare has been a pressing topic for the last 18 months, with ever-changing conclusions. In March 2020, health IT workers around the country woke up to a new reality. They still had to work, but they didn’t have to commute to the office. While frontline caregivers remained on-site treating […]

Embracing Healthcare Diversity for Improved System and Community Outcomes

Improving Outcomes By Embracing Healthcare Diversity Healthcare diversity of thought and experience allows systems to care for an increasingly diverse population. True personalized care depends on tailored communication and care for patients, each who have unique backgrounds and needs. Leaders can’t address care gaps among diverse populations until they have properly addressed healthcare diversity within […]

How Healthcare Data Can Redefine the Future of Care

Data can be a revolutionary force in healthcare. But to unlock its full potential, leaders must rethink and rebuild their healthcare data strategy. Painful truths about the healthcare data landscape were brought into focus by the COVID-19 pandemic. The outbreak also spurred real-time insights into the future of data strategy, which will ideally inform care […]

Who Owns Patient Data? Trends, Advancements, and Potential Risks

Who owns patient data? The monetization of anonymized patient data, EMR and insurance companies, health system sharing pools, and more.

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