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Anne Weiler

Product Management Lead

Amazon Web Services (AWS)

Anne Weiler, is the Product Management Lead at Amazon Web Services (AWS). She was previously CEO and co-founder of Wellpepper, a clinically-validated and award-winning platform for digital patient treatment plans. She co-founded Wellpepper in late 2012 with Mike Van Snellenberg to address issues in communication and continuity of care after a personal experience when her mother was released from 6 months in the hospital with no instructions and a month for a follow up visit. Anne’s expertise spans from concept to go-to-market for technology startups and established businesses. Prior to Wellpepper, Anne was VP of Marketing for iQMetrix, and Director of Product Management at Microsoft Corporation. She joined Microsoft in 2001 with the acquisition of Canadian web content management company Ncompass Labs.



Healthcare is really hard. We do things that are really hard. Nobody is saying that we expected all of these large tech companies to just solve it immediately. But do we need large tech in healthcare? Yes. Now the question is how?
Is healthcare too complicated? Yes. That's the issue. Healthcare is not one industry, as we've said, it's at least three and probably more like seven. Every time you turn around, there's some other layer you learn about within an industry. There's a lot there and anybody who's trying to tackle it all is gonna be in trouble.
Things shift. Even in non-healthcare. Where do you go from the best of breed point solutions to the platform and back again? Right now I think Epic is trying to be all things to all people. Will that change?
Netflix looked at the pieces between what was and wasn’t working. How can you actually disrupt there? What are those assumptions that are wrong? The core assumption with Blockbuster is that you can't keep a DVD as long as you want. But Netflix was like, at the beginning, you can keep it as long as you want. You’re just not getting another one, which is brilliant.
One of the challenges in healthcare is that everything has meaning. Everything could benefit patients or providers or whoever. It's about prioritization and what the pandemic did was hyper prioritization.
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