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Newsday - Vaccine Distribution, Telehealth vs Real Estate and the Future of Healthcare Conferences

January 18, 2021: Anne Weiler, health tech entrepreneur and advisor to This Week in Health IT joins Bill. Together they hit vaccine distribution, telehealth vs real estate and the vaccine credential initiative. Is it easy to find out how to schedule a vaccine appointment? Do you know when you can schedule it? Are you clear on the efficacy of the vaccine? Do you know which one you're going to get? Plus what did the JP Morgan conference conclude about 2020? What are they projecting for 2021? Are health systems ever going to return to what it was like pre-COVID? Or is that just a pipe dream? Have we now moved into a different model? What kinds of things can we do to get people back and volumes up? 

Key Points:

  • From March to the end of May 2020 you saw a big donut appear in everybody's financials [00:03:30
  • One of the biggest themes for 2020 was diversification [00:03:55]
  • In March 2020 Boston Children's Hospital saw a drastic change in asthma-related visits to the emergency room. They went down by 80%. [00:10:40
  • Telehealth is interesting because it comes down to incentives [00:12:50]
  • I really hope that healthcare systems aren’t making decisions for patient care based on real estate [00:15:05]
  • How are the mentally ill and the homeless going to get the vaccine? [00:21:51]
  • CVS, Walmart, Amazon and other disruptors are seeing huge opportunities in healthcare [00:29:20]



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