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March 1, 2021: Anne Weiler, health tech entrepreneur and advisor to This Week in Health IT joins Bill for the news. What happens after you sell a successful health startup? What are the stages of a CEO getting back into the real world? We call it health tech CEO recovery. Retail giant Walmart might be slowing down their ambitious expansion into healthcare. With the growth of telemedicine, how many handy clinics do you actually need? How much data is healthcare generating every single day? What do we have to do to clean it up? The platform Truveta will use machine learning and AI to take billions of clinical data points provided by the health systems for searchable health insights. Microsoft announced a new portal called Viva. IBM are trying to sell off their Watson Health business and CVS Health launched a senior medical alert system called Symphony. Plus how fine is the line when technology tries to start telling you how you're feeling?

Key Points:

  • At what point do we have a saturation of handy clinics? [00:09:20
  • Walmart may not be in the edgy tech space but they're still one of those companies that does experiment, learn, experiment, learn, experiment, learn and then scale [00:10:35
  • An American Sickness book by Elisabeth Rosenthal [00:15:50
  • IBM are trying to sell off their Watson Health business [00:18:05
  • No matter how smart your machine learning is, if it's not being trained on anything it's not going to get any smarter. [00:20:26
  • Microsoft announced a new portal Viva [00:32:22
  • CMS are starting to loosen their pocket books to reimburse for things that are going on in the home [00:42:05
  • CVS Health launched a senior medical alert system called Symphony [00:42:15



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