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Transform Healthcare Security
w/ Rubrik & Microsoft

Healthcare IT professionals face increasing cyber threats. With patient data at risk, the need for advanced, reliable security solutions has never been more critical. Rubrik and Microsoft have teamed up to offer an integrated solution that addresses these challenges head-on. Together, they provide a robust, scalable platform for healthcare data protection.

This webinar will provide insights from Ryan Baker (Rubrik), Rick Bryan (Rubrik) and David Houlding (Microsoft) on the latest cybersecurity threats and trends. Learn how Rubrik and Microsoft's combined forces offer a unique approach to data security and discover how leading health systems are successfully implementing these solutions. By attending this webinar, you'll equip yourself with the knowledge to lead your organization through the complexities of healthcare cybersecurity, ensuring the protection of sensitive patient data.

Wednesday, May 8th
1 PM ET / 10 AM PT

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Unlock the Full Potential of AI in Healthcare

Are You a Healthcare IT Professional Looking to Seamlessly Integrate AI Solutions, Regardless of Your Budget Constraints?

Integrating AI in healthcare systems is no longer a feature reserved for affluent health systems. As a healthcare IT professional, you encounter the pressing need to adopt AI technology daily but may be constrained by a tight budget.

The Problem

Many health systems in America are grappling with limited budgets, hindering the seamless adoption of AI technology. The lack of resources and know-how can often make the integration seem complex and unattainable, resulting in missed opportunities to enhance operational efficiency and patient care.

The Solution

Join us as we bring together a panel of seasoned IT experts, including David Baker, Lee Milligan, and Reid Stephan, to unravel practical, affordable, and scalable AI solutions for every healthcare IT professional.

Discover from our experts how you can:

- Identify cost-effective AI solutions that align with your budget
- Foster collaborations to develop adaptable AI solutions
- Navigate the regulatory landscape with ease and adherence

The Success

Arm yourself with knowledge and insights to return to your health system, enabling a transformative approach to patient care and operational efficiency without the burden of hefty price tags.

Attend this webinar to become a champion in your health system, guiding it to a future where cutting-edge technology meets affordability and where every patient receives the highest standard of care powered by AI.

What You Will Gain:

- Expert insights into the latest in affordable AI solutions
- Practical tips to steer your health system to AI success, irrespective of budget constraints

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Are You Facing the Growing Pains of Healthcare Interoperability?

Every day, health system leaders like you confront the challenge: How can we deliver seamless, patient-centered care in an age of fragmented technology systems? This isn't just a tech challenge; it's a narrative of improving patient outcomes and ensuring cost-effectiveness.

Is This You?

- Tired of disparate systems disrupting patient care?
- Overwhelmed with the weight of ensuring data privacy and system security?
- Seeking effective strategies to unify, integrate, and maximize your health IT investments?

You're Not Alone.


Introducing "Interoperability Outcomes: A Discussion of What’s Possible"

Interoperability Webinar Panelists

Join us for a comprehensive dive into the world of healthcare interoperability. Be part of the conversation with top-tier experts and discover actionable insights that can reshape the narrative of your health system.

Why Attend?

1. Understand the Landscape: Grasp where we stand today, the gaps, achievements, and what's on the horizon.
2. Harness the Power of Data: Learn how to redefine patient-centered care through data-driven strategies.
3. Build Trust in Systems: Delve into best practices ensuring data privacy, security, and building trust among stakeholders.

Let's Change the Narrative Together.

Your role as a health system leader is pivotal. By mastering interoperability, you're streamlining processes and reshaping patient experiences. Join hands with fellow leaders, and let's co-author the next chapter in healthcare IT.

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October 5th, 1 PM ET & 10 AM PT

Join Us For An Unmissable Journey Into The Future of Healthcare

As healthcare technology professionals, we're in a seismic shift. Artificial Intelligence is not just a buzzword—it's transforming our field and altering how we deliver healthcare. But with these technological advancements come complex challenges and unique opportunities. Are you ready to navigate this new landscape?

Welcome to "Our AI Journey in Healthcare," the next webinar hosted by This Week Health

In this one-hour-long session, we’ll unpack the reality of AI in the healthcare sector, providing you with the tools you need to stay ahead of the curve.

Here's a glimpse of what you'll discover:
- How AI is revolutionizing healthcare: From radiology and patient monitoring to genomic sequencing, get an in-depth understanding of how AI is applied in different medical fields.
- AI’s role in operational efficiency and decision support: AI is more than just clinical applications. Learn how it's enhancing physician augmentation, drug discovery, and system integration.
- Overcoming AI challenges in healthcare: The adoption of AI comes with its share of hurdles. We'll discuss potential pitfalls, ethical considerations, and data privacy issues, providing solutions to navigate them effectively.

Whether you're a CIO or an IT professional committed to pushing the boundaries in healthcare, this is your chance to be part of the AI revolution.

Sign up now to secure your spot for "Our AI Journey in Healthcare." The future is here. Embrace, learn from, and leverage it to impact patient care significantly. The date is September 7th at 1 PM ET & 10 AM PT.

Take advantage of this opportunity to learn from expert guests and be part of the AI journey in healthcare. Your future self, healthcare organization, and, most importantly, patients will thank you.

AI is not just changing healthcare, it's redefining it. Let's navigate this new frontier together. Register today!

Every CIO and healthcare IT professional knows the importance of reliable technology in providing top-notch care. But unique challenges - and untapped opportunities - emerge in rural healthcare. From limited access to Electronic Health Record (EHR) systems to difficulty obtaining broadband service, rural health providers face an uphill battle. However, your team can transform these challenges into opportunities with the right insight and guidance.

Join our webinar, "Rural Healthcare - Challenges and Opportunities," where we'll share practical strategies and real-world examples to help you navigate the rural health IT landscape effectively.

What You'll Learn

  1. Understand the Landscape: Delve into the unique issues surrounding rural health IT, including the cost of EHR systems and the limited IT workforce.
  2. Get the Right Tools: Explore resources and approaches for overcoming these challenges, from assessing practice readiness to selecting the right EHR system for your community's needs.
  3. Seize Opportunities: Learn about the potential for collaboration with rural health stakeholders, fostering community buy-in, and maximizing the benefits of EHRs.
  4. See Success Stories: Hear real-world examples of rural healthcare providers successfully implementing EHRs and other IT solutions.
  5. Implement the Change: Understand what's at stake if you don't act and envision a future where your rural health system thrives with the right use of technology.

Date: August 3rd
Time: 1 PM ET / 10 AM PT

Don't miss this chance to transform your rural healthcare IT approach. Register now and let us guide you through the challenges and towards the opportunities. Your journey to successful rural healthcare IT implementation begins here.

Rural Healthcare IT Webinar Panelist

Live Webinar: The patient experience at the intersection of healthcare and technology.

Integrating technology and patient care is more pertinent than ever in the ever-evolving healthcare landscape. With a rising focus on patient-centered care, health systems now leverage technology to enhance patient experience. This transformative shift calls for leaders to adopt a comprehensive perspective that can bridge the gap between technology and patient care.

ThisWeekHealth invites you for an insightful live webinar, "The Patient Experience - A Technology Perspective." This session will bring together expert speakers (to be announced) who will share their valuable insights on the intersection of healthcare and technology.

What you will learn:

1. Current Landscape: Understand the current state of patient experience in healthcare IT and the challenges that come with it.

2. Technology's Role: Explore the role of technology in shaping the patient experience, from digital health tools like portals and telemedicine to the impact of data and analytics.

3. Expert Insights: Learn from the experiences and perspectives of our expert guest speakers, covering innovative approaches and emerging technologies in patient care.

4. The Future: Discover the projected patient experience trends, including the impact of AI, VR/AR, IoT, and blockchain on patient engagement and satisfaction.

5. Guidance for Leaders: Gain actionable insights and practical advice on how CIOs and their Staff can balance innovation, data security, and patient privacy.

Patient Experience Webinar Panelists

Take this opportunity to stay ahead of the curve and lead your organization toward a more technology-centric, patient-focused approach. The future of healthcare is here, and we invite you to participate in this conversation.

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Introducing "The Future of Care Spaces," the upcoming webinar presented by This Week Health. This exciting event will explore the latest healthcare technologies and solutions transforming care spaces in America. Care spaces can include hospitals, clinics, and at-home treatments where advanced technologies can enable better workflows, treatments, and patient outcomes.

As healthcare technology continues to evolve, health system leaders and their employees must stay informed about the latest innovations that benefit their organizations. This webinar provides valuable insights and practical solutions to help healthcare providers improve patient care, optimize workflows, and drive business outcomes.

The webinar will feature expert speakers sharing their knowledge and expertise on the latest healthcare technologies and solutions. Attendees will learn about the latest remote monitoring tools, advanced telehealth solutions, and other innovative technologies transforming care spaces across America. They will explore how these solutions can enhance patient care by providing better access to care, reducing wait times, and improving the patient experience.

In addition to enhancing patient care, the webinar will also explore the potential impact of technology solutions on the business outcomes of health systems in America. By optimizing workflows and improving patient care, these solutions can lead to better financial performance, increased revenue, and improved patient satisfaction.

If you are a health system leader or employee looking to stay up-to-date on the latest healthcare technologies and solutions, then "The Future of Care Spaces" is the webinar for you. Join us to learn from expert speakers, network with other healthcare professionals, and gain valuable insights to help transform your organization. Don't miss this exciting opportunity to stay ahead of the curve and take your healthcare organization to the next level! Sign up today.

Next in This Week Health 'Leader Series: Modern Data Strategies in Healthcare.' This webinar will focus on exploring data governance and analytics strategies that have the potential to revolutionize healthcare in the modern era. With a data-driven approach, we can improve patient care outcomes, increase efficiency, and reduce costs in the healthcare industry.

Healthcare providers can better understand their patient's needs and provide more targeted treatments through data insights. Effective data governance policies ensure that health data is secure and compliant with regulations, leading to reduced costs and improved patient care outcomes.

Analytics can also gain actionable insights from healthcare data to identify areas for improvement and drive innovation. By utilizing predictive and pre-emptive analytics, healthcare professionals can predict potential health risks and enable early detection and diagnosis of diseases, ultimately leading to better outcomes.

We invite you to join us as we discuss different types of analytics used in healthcare and how they can gain insights into health data. Let us work together to create a more efficient, effective, and modern healthcare system with data governance and analytics strategies.

See you there!

As the healthcare industry undergoes a rapid digital transformation, IT security must stay ahead of the curve. CISOs need to think ahead and proactively develop security policies and processes to ensure that healthcare organizations are secure and compliant with rapidly evolving regulations.

CISO webinar panelists headshots

From network infrastructure to data privacy, CISOs hold many security priorities such as end-user education, Security Information and Event Management (SIEM) solutions, patch management, application whitelisting, encryption, identity and access management, data loss prevention (DLP), sandboxing threats and more. Which of these needs to be top of mind for the 2023 year? We will discuss healthcare companies' challenges today and explore the strategies CISOs can use to stay on top of the Security Priorities for 2023.

This webinar will provide insights and tips to help keep your healthcare organization secure. We understand that staying ahead of the curve regarding Security Priorities can be challenging. Join us for this webinar to learn how CISOs in healthcare address Security Priorities for 2023 – insights that can help keep your healthcare organization safe and secure.

We look forward to seeing you there!

Healthcare needs innovative ways to address staffing shortages from clinical to IT employees. Are you curious about how technology can help support your Healthcare staff? Join us on our webinar, “Leaders Series: The Changing Nature of Work,” to explore how Health IT can be used to supplement Healthcare professionals.

With our panelists, we will cover a range of topics to help Healthcare providers enhance their staffing performance. Specifically, we’ll explore how Health IT can supplement Healthcare staff and optimize Healthcare processes.

Panelists for The Changing Nature of Work

We’ll cover topics such as how to leverage automation and machine learning to optimize Healthcare Processes, how IT can be used for data-driven decision-making, and how Healthcare providers can benefit from remote Healthcare technology. Our expert panelists will provide insight into the latest Healthcare technologies revolutionizing healthcare processes across the industry.

Don’t miss out on this unique opportunity to gain valuable insight into Healthcare technology! Sign up to learn more about Healthcare technologies transforming the Healthcare industry and how you can use them to address staffing shortages. Find out how Healthcare providers can benefit from embracing technology and strategies for successfully implementing HIT within your organization to ensure a successful transition. Sign up now and join us on the webinar.

We look forward to seeing you there!

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