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Sarah Richardson

SVP, Chief Digital & Information Officer

Tivity Health

As SVP and Chief Digital & Information Officer of Tivity Health, Sarah Richardson is responsible for the company’s digital transformation, including the development of the engagement platform, customer relationship management tools and data strategy. Richardson is a transformative, innovative, and results-driven healthcare and technology executive with experience in large-scale healthcare environments. Through comprehensive, human centered design, she enables digital and organizational transformation of multiple organizational domains utilizing proven methods of engagement resulting in improved experiences across the continuum.

Prior to joining Tivity Health, Richardson served as Vice President of IT Change Leadership for OptumCare. Richardson also has significant health system experience, serving as CIO of NCH Healthcare System in Naples, FL and as a Division CIO with HCA Healthcare.

Richardson is an active member of CHIME as a Certified Healthcare CIO (CHCIO), board and faculty member, and fellow. She regularly publishes industry relevant content on her website at She is an Associate Certified Coach with the ICF and Distinguished Toastmaster, as well as the chair for members in transition for the SoCal Chapter of the Society for Information Management (SCSIM). Richardson holds a BS from the University of Nevada -Las Vegas, and an MBA from the University of Phoenix.

Sarah Richardson is one of those people who ‘gets things done’ and has a penchant for bringing out the best in people. With an enthusiastic and genuinely friendly attitude, Sarah radiates a sincere passion for delivering value and benefits to the teams she leads and serves. She has built award-winning teams and has been recognized by The Kansas City Business Journal as a ‘Woman Who Means Business’, a “Next Gen Leader’ and ‘Rising Star’ by KC Business Magazine, and an Outstanding Executive by Advancing Women in Technology.



A digital company thinks differently than a physical company. Most of us are both, and so you have to go with the perspective of the one that is the most vulnerable, which is why we take the same approach to all tier levels.
What happens if you can't afford healthcare? I'm hopeful that the patient experience is something we're taking to heart because if a pandemic did nothing else, it really uncovered the need for true empathy, to be present, to listen, to communicate, to understand what people's individual circumstances are. It put a greater focus on the advocacy of wellness and the advocacy of helping people to truly be healthy.
I would say that I am most curious about creating a code based infrastructure. Having the minimum necessary footprint from an infrastructure perspective so that I can really double down on what it means for us to be a high-performing software development shop and being able to do that in the most nuanced ways that are new and exciting and allow people to keep growing and building and learning.
I've never met anybody in my company in person. I interviewed on Zoom. I work on Zoom. I have literally not anyone face to face. So how can you actually curate and build relationships? How do you build trust? I believe if nothing else, that the lasting impact on health IT is our ability to be innovative and try things in a new and different way and not let bureaucracy and red tape dictate how we are willing to try something.
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