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July 14, 2023

Executive in Residence: A Conversation with Sarah Richardson and Sue Schade

At This Week Health, the newly established Executive in Residence program is set to play a significant role in shaping the healthcare tech landscape. Bringing together the collective wisdom of veteran healthcare tech professionals, it promises a deep pool of industry knowledge. Highlighted in this article are the insights shared by Sarah Richardson and Sue Schade, the first two executives of the program. Their vast experience and understanding of the field offer critical perspectives on the transformative potential of the Executive in Residence program.

The Role of Executives in Residence in the Healthcare IndustrySue Schade headshot

Fundamentally, the aim of the Executive in Residence program is to tap into the expertise of healthcare tech executives to benefit the wider community. Sarah Richardson and Sue Schade will play crucial roles in this initiative, illuminating the nuanced world of healthcare technology for the audience of This Week Health.

Moreover, the program expands its influence beyond tech development to foster social connections through events like the 229 Roundtable. This setting invites healthcare tech leaders to engage in intimate discussions about existing challenges and potential solutions. As Sarah puts it, "Every time you bring people together, you create bonds and new synergies and opportunities."

Philosophies of Giving Back to the Healthcare Industry

At its heart, the Executive in Residence program values giving back to the healthcare industry. It creates a platform for leaders like Sarah Richardson and Sue Schade to share their insights, generating significant ripple effects throughout the healthcare tech community.

Sarah resonates with this philosophy deeply: "As an executive in residence, you can give back and leverage the community to create a greater good." Echoing these thoughts, Sue underscores the importance of sharing knowledge, saying, "I have always felt it’s important to give back in terms of sharing what I know, what I’ve learned, and helping others."

Sarah Richardson, Senior Vice President and CIO, Tivity Health

The Impact of This Week Health on the Executives' Professional Lives

Participation in the Executive in Residence program profoundly transforms the professional lives of the executives involved. Beyond generating content and facilitating communal exchange, Richardson credits her involvement for keeping her updated on industry trends. She asserts, "It's a way to educate myself, educate other executives, educate people about an approachability for something unfamiliar."

Similarly, Schade finds the experience rewarding and emphasizes the value of building an insightful network. Both executives recognize This Week Health as a platform to broaden their professional horizons while serving the industry they hold dear.

The Influence of This Week Health in the Healthcare Tech Industry

Since its inception, This Week Health has made substantial progress in the healthcare tech industry. Encouraging a learning community among industry leaders has become a knowledge hub within the sector.

"That's what This Week Health is all about. It's education. The experience. And the camaraderie that goes with that," Richardson states. The platform continues to aim high, inviting more people to participate in these insightful discussions and advocating for a future where collective efforts drive progress.


Leadership, particularly in the constantly evolving field of healthcare technology, can sometimes feel isolating. However, the Executive in Residence program at This Week Health has built a community that alleviates this sense of solitude, fostering an environment ripe for shared knowledge and collective growth. The input of Sarah Richardson and Sue Schade has been instrumental in this community, enriching the industry with their insights and steering it toward a future brimming with exciting opportunities. Russell aptly summarizes it, "I hope we're creating that kind of community."

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